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Cement plays a significant role in the world economy and various aspects of human life.
Infrastructure Development: Cement is a fundamental building material used in the construction of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, dams, airports, and buildings. It provides the necessary strength, durability, and stability required for these structures. Cement plays a pivotal role in urban development and economic growth by supporting the construction of modern cities and expanding transportation networks.

Housing and Shelter: Cement is essential in the construction of residential buildings, providing safe and affordable housing for people around the world. It serves as a primary component in the construction of walls, floors, and foundations, contributing to the overall stability, longevity, and comfort of homes.

Employment Generation: The cement industry is a major employer, providing job opportunities to a significant number of people globally. It creates employment both directly, through cement production plants and related industries, and indirectly, by supporting the construction sector and supply chains.

Economic Growth and Development: The cement industry plays a critical role in economic growth and development, particularly in emerging economies. It stimulates investment, enhances infrastructure, and generates revenue through exports. The production, distribution, and use of cement contribute to GDP growth and attract further investments in related sectors.
Made of the qualified raw materials, experienced dated skills and strict quality control, YQ transmission products become the first choice when you are looking for the transmission products to assemble your cement machinery. All our products meets the industry highest requirements for ANSI,DIN,ASA,SWC,KANA,SATIISO.

YQ’s transmission products adopt the industry standard to help the cement machinery:
·High efficiency operation
·Durable and flexible performance
·Professional heat treatment
·Strict quality control

YQ has been committed to providing high-quality products and thoughtful services. We use advanced production equipment to make excellent products. Equipped with own factory, we can check the quality and make the price reasonable.

Where there is the power transmission products, there is YQ.

Hangzhou YQ have been designing and developing high-performance power products for the food and beverage industry. Our products have paved the way for the development of a variety of food and beverage applications.

We have superb production technology and rich R&D experience, which can reduce equipment downtime, reduce equipment maintenance costs, provide food and beverage service contribution, and have an absolute advantage in market competition.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or needs:, or 0086-18667944319.
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